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As with every revolution, there is a story behind the final destination. This here is that story. The story of DR1P.

In a kingdom not so far away and not so different than your own a group of free thinkers called the Founders came together with a dream. A dream of something more. A dream of experiences that were not just endured or simply enjoyed but rather experiences that were lived to the fullest. Experiences that catalyzed self-exploration and growth. Experiences that elevated humanity to its highest potential.

At the time most experiences, as well as the primitives that facilitated them, had been warped and belittled into little more than a degenerate, materialistic, pleasure-seeking escape from reality. While such escape had its merits, the founders soon evolved beyond their naïve notions of what experiences could be and realized that everything we know in life as human beings really is "the human experience". Looking further the Founders realized that this so called human experience could be split up into collections of smaller sub experiences that when combined form the larger "human experience". They theorized that if one could fundamentally change even just one of these smaller "sub experiences", such as an entertainment experience, this could provide an incredibly powerful catalyst for self-exploration and growth in future "sub experiences" leading to an overall new level of potential in "the human experience". That way just through small improvements in individual experiences people could achieve the stereotypical short-term escape from reality while simultaneously creating a catalyst for positive change in other areas of their life.

Unfortunately because experiences in their form at the time were corrupt, the Founders returned back to the fundamental building blocks of the universe known as The Monads to build, redefine, and revolutionize experiences. They believed that if they could break experiences down to their most fundamental building blocks they could recombine those building blocks into millions of different configurations to create a redefined revolutionary type of experience. An experience that would not be defined by the strict confines of what came before, but rather an experience fundamentally built from the ground up with the elevation of "human experience" in mind.

Of course, such a mission could not possibly be achieved alone so the Founders created the DR1P collective. A collective that would free the masses of their preconceived notions, catalyze positive change through revolutionary entertainment experiences, enable scalable creation of innovative experiences through new primitives, and unlock the highest level of "human experience" as a result. The DR1P Collective is fundamentally revolutionizing and redefining interactive entertainment experiences through the use of low to no-code tools and social primitives. We see a future where venues can create customized world class interactive entertainment experiences that improve people's lives quickly, cheaply, and easily.



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Q1 2022

DR1P Collective Founded ✔    
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Q2 2022

Twitter Launch ✔  
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Discord Launch ✔ 


Q3 2022

DR1PPED OUT Twitter Space #1 ✔  
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DR1P Partnership #1
DR1P Event #1

Q4 2022

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